Liana Marcel

Larger Rainbow resin and wood sun catcher

Cute wooden and resin hanger with sun-catching crystal beads.

When healing with colour, you are giving the body that is ailing an extra dose of any colours lacking. Because colour is a natural element, colour healing is something anybody can do without danger to the person they are healing. It is very similar to hands on healing, where energy is directed into the body. When a particular colour is used, the vibration of that colour is being absorbed into the body to heal any imbalance. The red end of the colour spectrum stimulates while the blue end calms. Light is energy travelling in the form of waves and each colour has a different wavelength. 

RED: Warming and invigorating, it is used for blood disorders, the liver, and for energising.

ORANGE: Contains many of the properties of Red. It is especially good for asthma and anything to do with the respiratory system. It is a pick me up and clears the mind.

YELLOW: A cleanser for the bowel, intestines, and very good for menstrual problems, aids digestion and heartburn, it is calming and inspires. Removes fears and worries, and is very uplifting.

GREEN: This is the colour to use for all that ails, it is an overall tonic and invigorates. Used for the heart both physically and emotionally, also for headaches, migraines, colds, flu and ulcers.

BLUE: An antiseptic and cooling agent for inflammation both inside and out, use for cuts, grazes, skin problems and rheumatism. For serenity and meditation.

PURPLE: When the mind is troubled, this is the colour to use, it balances and calms the mind, removes fears and reassures. For any emotional matter, it is also very good for the eyes.

VIOLET: For the mind and the nervous system, it soothes and enlightens, use for any female disorders and for deep meditation.

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